Husk Serviços
Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipments and accessories
General overhaul of equipments and systems
Air conditioning’s maintenance systems for trains and Subways
Mounting and installation equipments with wiring and tests
Mounting, installation, general overhaul, preventive and corrective maintenance of control equipments and line energization
Technical inspection, tests, installations and quality control of equipments and accessories
System projects and signaling management


Ar condicionado

HUSK Service represents the company Shijiazhuang KING Transportation Equipment Co. Ltd in Brazil, which is located in Mainland - China, to maintain the trains’s air conditioning systems: 1 and 3 lines; I, K, and L fleets of the Companhia de Metropolitano de São Paulo - Subways and the trains of CPTM’s 11 line.

We also support Alstom's plants for air conditioning systems of the VLT Projects - Rio de Janeiro: Porto Maravilha, Supervia, Central; Porto Alegre: TRENSURB; Buenos Aires: SBASE.

HUSK Service is also responsible for the maintenance of the air conditioning system provided by Taiwan-based company King Machinery Ltd.; for monorail system’s trains of 15 line of the Companhia de Metropolitano de São Paulo.